Solving equations with logs

A logarithmic equation involves the logarithm on one or both sides of the equality. To solve such an equation it is necessary to use.

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We can solve them by applying the properties of logarithms. Properties of logarithms; Examples of solving logarithmic equations
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Logarithmic Equations

Logarithmic equations in which all of their elements are logarithms: - Determine whether the problem contains only logarithms. - Use the properties of the

How to Solve Logarithmic Equations

-24x=0. x_{1}

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Logarithms: Equations, Systems and Demonstrations

is not a solution because we would find the logarithm of a negative number in the denominator when substituting into the equation. 10x^

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Solved Logarithmic Equations Exercises

A logarithmic equation is an equation whose unknown (or unknowns) is found by multiplying or dividing the logarithms, in their bases or in the argument

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Logarithmic Equations Calculator

A logarithmic equation is one in which the unknown is in the argument of logarithms. Its solution is actually reduced to solving