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How to differentiate logarithmic functions

It is denoted by ln x . The natural logarithmic function, y = ln x is the inverse of the natural exponential function of base, y = e x .

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Logarithmic Differentiation

Any function f: R → R+* such that f(x) = ax with a ≠ 1 and a > 0, is called an exponential function. Since a0 = 1, the curve passes through the point (0,1). As a1 = a

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Differentiating logarithmic functions using the properties

These logarithms are known as decimal logarithms, and can be expressed f(x)=log10(x)=log(x); The function in (d) is a logarithm of base the number of
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Logarithmic Differentiation

NOTE: as an exercise, use the usual differentiation formula to differentiate the above function and compare the results. Example 4: Find the derivative y
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Logarithmic Functions

Logarithmic function; The properties of logarithmic functions . Neperian logarithms (known as natural logarithms) have e .

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Logarithmic Function

(As before, if we compose in reverse order the functions, we first calculate the logarithm and The following graphs are of logarithmic functions.

Logarithms and logarithmic functions

Differentiating logarithmic functions using the properties of the logarithm quotient rule but well that is very easy because one can put it as x 5 

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