How to turn a decimal into a ratio

Express the exact decimal -0.85 as the quotient of the numbers. The decimal is read as minus 75 hundreds. To express it as the quotient of

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Divisions with decimal numbers

Dividing a decimal number by a whole number They are normally divided as if they were whole numbers. We only have to take into account that when we are dividing, when the first decimal number is lowered, the comma is written in the quotient.18 Mar 2020

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Quotient of decimal numbers

How to divide integer by integer with decimal result. When we do a division A zero is added to the remainder and a comma in the quotient.

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How to solve an exercise of division of decimals

In division when the first decimal number is lowered, the comma is written in the quotient. Let's see an example, dividing 77.5 by 25.
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