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How to solve fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

First we reduce the denominators to common denominator, and add or subtract the numerators of the equivalent fractions obtained.
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Summary of fractions and rational numbers

To make sum of fractions with different denominator, the first thing to do is to put a common denominator: this is the least common

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How to solve a sum of fractions

In mathematics, a fraction, fractional number, (from the Latin word frāctus, fractĭo -ōnis Fractions can be represented as (a÷b) or (a/b) in a

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Fraction division exercises

Fractions are a very useful way to represent quantities. But they involve some difficulty, and many people ask how to solve

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To solve this example by the double c method, And, as always, we simplify the fraction until it is irreducible:.

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How to operate with fractions: 10 Steps (with images).