How many sides does a polygon have?

Sides of a polygon - Triangles. example of a triangle - Quadrilaterals. example of a quadrilateral They have 4 sides. - Pentagons. example of pentagon They have 5 sides.
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How many sides, angles, and vertices does the polygon have? Answer choices. a. 4 sides, 4 angles, and 4 vertices. b. 4 sides, 8 angles, and 2 vertices.

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POLYGON How many sides does the polygon have? the sum of

POLYGONS: 3. If the internal angle of a regular polygon is 120°, how many sides does the polygon have? 4. If the sum of the internal angles of 

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Finding the sides of a polygon I

Below, we explain how to form all the names of polygons up to 100 sides. Just put 4 particles together: TENS + y + UNITS +

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Sides of a polygon: To find the sides of a polygon knowing the measure of an internal angle, perform the following operation